Emmitt Smith Stars in New
Good Feet Commercials!
Emmitt Smith is the National Spokesman for Good Feet Arch Supports.
Good_Feet_Spots_star_emmitt _smith
Emmitt Smith on the set of Good Feet's commercial shoot, getting the "Star" treatment.
Emmitt_Smith_Good_Feet Archsupports_spots
How could you tackle a guy with such a great smile? (Most NFL players couldn't, either!)
Good_Feet_Foot_pain_ relief_spots
Good feet Foot Pain spots with Emmitt Smith
emmit Smith Foot Pain Commercial
Think they could make CIF playoffs with this guy in their backfield?
Emmitt Smith congratulates the team on a job well done.
Emmit Smith and his new "team for a day."
This player's father was a big fan of Emmitt's. In fact, he kept the license plate long after the truck it was on was totaled!
Emmitt awaits the word "action" from the director.
Emmitt Smith doing his best "Pinocchio" impersonation!
(Actually, this how they make sure the camera is in focus.)
Slating the next scene.

Well...That's a Wrap!
We'll Post The New Commercials Here as Soon as They Are completed!

Watch The Behind The Scenes, "Making of" Video Here!